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LexSemble Features

LexSemble has an advanced feature set to provide a rich and modern enterprise user experience.

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Knowledge Management

Data-driven knowledge management for law

LexSemble enables data-driven knowledge management for law out of the box. Areas like litigation, M&A, and regulatory approval have pre-configured KM objects and workflows. Unlike other KM tools, LexSemble approaches the task by focusing on the following KM concepts:


Many knowledge management systems would be better described as opinion or story management systems. LexSemble helps you validate and discover knowledge, not just store it.

For example, many expert directories or competence management systems rely solely on self-reported or second-hand information. While LexSemble can function as a simple directory, it also has the capability to discover and update these directories automatically over time based on the accuracy of an individual's forecasts, their KM contributions, and other available data streams.


Many KM systems are collaborative in that they allow multiple users to edit a single knowledge entry. Few KM systems, however, are collaborative in that they allow for one knowledge entry to reflect the internal diversity of opinions in a structured fashion. LexSemble is built on ensembles of people and facts, allowing users to represent and drill down into complex issues.

For example, risk management strategies rely on understanding the range and relative likelihood of outcomes. Most KM systems focus on presenting only a single expert's version of reality, which may result in unanticipated or surprising outcomes when this expert's view is not broad enough. LexSemble is designed to help you anticipate the unanticipated or unlikely by helping to identify and present the variety of opinions that may exist.


Assisting and automating decision-making and forecasting

LexSemble leverages your organization's knowledge and experience to assist and automate decision-making and prediction, from early case assessment to RFP budgeting.


LexSemble uses crowd-sourcing to aggregate predictions from across your organization. Unlike the prediction of a single expert, crowds of experts can provide much more valuable information about the range and relative likelihood of outcomes.

Machine Learning

In addition to facilitating the aggregation of human predictions and knowledge, LexSemble can also apply machine learning to classify, regress, and cluster. Since knowledge is collected in a structured form and data sources like matter management systems can be easily integrated, powerful data-driven models can be built and re-used rapidly.

Humans + Machines > Humans | Machines

Many technology companies market their products as replacing human judgement. LexSemble, on the other hand, is built around the idea that a balanced ensemble of humans and machines is better than either humans or machines alone.

FTC Approval Duration & Outcome: Expert Predictions

Expert Accuracy: Patent Disputes


Growing with you

Over time, LexSemble discovers the strengths and weaknesses of your team, allowing you to generate even more accurate predictions, find hidden relationships and outliers, and discover previously unknown experts.


While some organizations face a lack of expertise, many suffer the opposite problem: how do you sift through a wealth of knowledge to produce clear guidance? LexSemble optimally weights the predictions and knowledge of your team by learning from their performance. Over time, machine learning identifies the relative strength of your experts, including which factors affect their performance, and uses this to improve aggregate predictions.


Many organizations struggle to identify expertise and match it to concrete needs. While Personnel Directories are meant address these issues, they often fail to meet expectations due to self-reported, stale information.

LexSemble addresses this issue by identifying experts based on actual predictive performance and automatically updating these directories over time. Furthermore, whereas most corporate directories only offer simple category and contact functionality, LexSemble can identify expertise along any dimension of knowledge management.


Visually communicating knowledge

Knowledge and data have no value if they're not accessible. LexSemble comes with standard reports so you can quickly evaluate many questions like "Will this court grant our motion for summary judgement?" or "How many months will the FTC take to approve this merger?"


LexSemble tables and visualizations are built for a modern, mobile-friendly experience. Instantly sort and filter tables or zoom and pan charts, no matter whether you're on your tablet or at your desk.


While an interactive interface is nice, we know that many important charts need to be published elsewhere. All tables and charts can be exported to Excel or images, making embedding a breeze.

User Engagement & Accuracy


Driving user adoption and engagement

User adoption is critical for a technology to have the desired impact. In our consulting, we’ve found that features like leaderboards and rapid performance feedback can improve employee engagement and quality. LexSemble is built around these ideas.

Many enterprise data management systems suffer from low user adoption rates, poor data quality, and failure to achieve impact. LexSemble addresses this problem by gamifying all aspect of the user experience. Every engagement and interaction is measured and used to provide rapid positive feedback. Leaderboards promote fun, motivating competition with peers. Examples of common leaderboards include:

  • Most Accurate Summary Judgement Predictor
  • Most Active Expert Matchmaker
  • Most Starred Knowledge Curator


No code changes required

Want to re-categorize business method patents after Alice v. CLS Bank? How about updating your workflow after amended FRCP rules? LexSemble is designed to be highly-configurable, so you can easily customize it to fit your needs.

  • Flexible key-value custom fields on all objects.
  • Configurable tagging systems on all objects.
  • BPM/workflow engine


Embeds easily into your ecosystem

LexSemble easily integrates into many other systems for data or authentication, featuring standards-based APIs for inbound and outbound data flows.

  • Exposes core functionality through RESTful API.
  • Supports inbound integration through HTTP(S), FTP/SFTP/FTPS, AMQP, and database queues.
  • External authentication via LDAP/AD, PAM (KRB5, NIS), and RADIUS.



LexSemble provides enterprise-grade security and audit, including features such as record-level permissions, full object audit history, and end-to-end encryption. Regardless of whether you choose cloud or on-premises products, you can rest assured that your data will remain yours alone.

  • HTTPS/SSL-enabled
  • Data-at-rest encryption (FIPS 140-2/AES-256)
  • Cloud hosting with current SOC1/2/3 (SSAE16/SAS70 Type II)
  • Users, groups, teams, and roles
  • Object-level audit and version history
  • Record-level permission granularity
  • Two-factor authentication (coming soon)